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By allowing us to carry out filming of shows and managing the sales process, the school is not processing any personal data; it is us who are processing the personal data through filming, editing and selling.


It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the GDPR is complied with, not the school.




In short, the answer is no. Although we film children, this is still classed as

non-sensitive data due to the nature of the data collected.


If you would like to read the legal advice that formed the basis of the above, and/or you would

like a copy of our Privacy Statement, please contact our Data Protection Representative:


•In writing: Set The Scene Media Ltd, 33 Mount Drive, Marple, Stockport. SK6 7BA


•By email: [email protected]


•By telephone: 0161 531 4849.


Every member of our crew is registered with the DBS Update service, which enables your school to carry out a live check on our records at any time. Please ask for details.

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We have taken official legal advice on the subject of consent and GDPR when filming in schools.


Who is responsible for GDPR when we film shows?






Do we need consent to film?